Death Will Not Part Us

By: Aurin

Did you wish to know me,
My waters and my banks?
You, who for so long tried hard,
Experience now my thanks.

Here are paths and silver brooks.
Few have traveled here.
You, my faithful, now may see
The land you held so dear.

Behold the reeds and shifting dunes,
The ever changing tide.
See now the birds that fly beyond,
And the waves on which they ride.

The towering cliffs, with crumbling edge,
The jagged rocks below,
The rolling hills and winding roads:
This place you now will know.

The islands there, beyond the waves,
The fields and shady glens;
The fence here that surrounds you now,
In this place where all life ends.

Above all else, the ocean there,
So treacherous and vast,
This, you crossed to come to me,
And now you're home at last.

See for now and evermore
This land around your grave:
The sun, the sea, the moon, the beach,
The ever-lasting wave.

Here is the place of which you dreamed,
The dream which you fulfilled.
It holds you now, returns your love,
And treasures the space you've filled.