Can't Help Falling In Love

By: MiSs PoLyNiSiaN

When I met you,
we were close friends.
We helped eacho ther,
and talked to each other a lot.
I had no feelings for you,
you were just a friend.
I never looked at you,
to be in love with you.
Aaahh...time came,
when I did have feelings for you.
It was a big mistake because,
it wasn't supposed to be like that.
We were friends,
nothing more than that.
I couldn't help my feelings,
I realized that I loved you.
We both understand,
my feelings for you.
You do care for me too,
but don't want to risk anything.
From this day,
I still care deeply for you.
One day will come.
when both you & I will be together.