Night Sky Over the Hudson River

By: Silvana Krculic

I could see a reflection
of the full moon
from the river--
New York City's lights dim,
covered with water and fast asleep.
I thought I could look for different
horizons to follow,
but this time,
I think I am in too deep.

Night skies are for those
who love nature.
This beautiful earth
is for all of us to share.
I tried to look for the shadow
of your reflection.
I tried to find you,
but you were not there.
The night and the stars are breathtaking.
Faraway I see a distant shore.

Yesterday, you told me
you liked the moon to touch the waters
on the river.
We laughed, thinking
we had so many things to say.
I did not know you would have
to leave in awe,
To go so soon-- and so far away.
I blamed the moon for not touching the river,
but you could not stay.

I thought, I have found an Angel,
to whom I can pray.
The depth of the water is pulling me closer--
Maybe I should run, but I'll stay.
Without you...
the moon and the stars are saddened,
and the bright evening sky
has now turned gray.