Summer is Gone

By: Trista M Lee

Gone are the lazy days of sun,
During which our love has begun.
The winds of winter blow, carrying fall leaves away.
The chill of winter and obligations of life are now here to stay.

But just because the summer is only a memory now,
Does that mean you love me less, somehow?
Will you forget, now that the air is cold,
That summer night when we were both so bold
And the way you felt when our feelings were made clear,
And the surge of love came just at the thought of being near?

The way you longed to see me,
The way you missed me so.
The way you looked at me when leaving,
Saying you never wanted to go.
The way I was your Princess and your "wittle gurl,"
The way your hands stayed in my hair, lovingly touching every curl.

The conversations we shared that made our hearts beat fast.
Simply because it's harder now... are all those feelings in the past?
I miss the words; I miss the looks; I miss the feelings so.
I can't help but wonder if you do and this I need to know.

The winter winds have blown away summer's magic spell.
Have those same winds blown clear away your love for me as well?
And when the sun glows hot once more and summer days begin,
Will summer sun and lazy days bring you back to me again?