Remembered Love

By: John Phillip Massoni

We were lovers alone on the beach.
The kiss from her lips was sweet as a peach.
I will remember her forever, always on my mind.
She was so beautiful, and, oh, so very kind.
We spent our days walking on the sand.
Holding on tight to each other's hand,
Talking to each other most of the day.
Seems there were so many words we would say.
The color of her eyes, a beautiful emerald green,
The most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.
She had the most beautiful golden-color hair.
When we were together, I didn't have a care.
I remember we met on that starry night.
The moon over the water, it felt so right.
The love we made under the moon,
That evening of passion ended too soon.
She had written me a letter telling me goodbye,
Telling me to forget her. I started to cry.