Making It Last

By: Justin Bartz

In our journey through life
We'll usually find
One, or maybe two true loves-
Not many of its kind
Guys and girls come and go
And at that time, we'll, maybe, never know
The chance of a lifetime that we let pass
The chance of a lifetime in making it last

From girl to girl, from guy to guy
We can go through too many
Underneath the sky
Whichever guy, whichever girl
There's bound to be the only pearl
In a world of oysters
Searching from the start
You find your pearl
And you want to wear it in your heart
If you realize, and take the chance
There are NO limits to the love and romance
But, if you are one to let it pass
You missing the chance to make it last

If you make your move
And not let it pass
You're getting the chance
To make it last
But, it takes much more
Than kissing or holding hands
You NEVER can take
This true love for granted
If you do, the huge mistake you'll make
It will hurt more than anything,
So listen for your own sake

You'll try and try
You'll weep and cry
For ONE more chance
At your lost romance
But most often
There are no second tries
We're born, we grow
We LOVE, we know
And in the end, we die

So grasp your love and hold on tight
Never let it leave the heart,
Never let it out of your sight
Please, please, please don't let your chance pass by
It may be your ONLY one at making it last