furtively thou crawled into my life

By: mehak gupta

Furtively thou crawled into my life;
Never did I know
would become a permanent citizen here.
Oh how much I love thee
I really cannot tell.
These three words are too less to express
The intense feeling I have for thee.

Day in and day out
Now I have thee on my mind.
Thoughts of thee make me blush;
Eyes bright with lust.

Now with thou in my life
I close the doors;
For with thou in my life
I want no more.
I close my eyes to all;
As no one else they
Intend to see since thee
Now reside in them.

Voice of thee
Ignites the passion burning in me.
The soft words
Kiss me each time;
Telling how much thou
Love me.

I hope my heart thou does not brake.
I pray for thou & for ourself.