By: Ashley Hart

This poem needs a little explanation...
It's about my friend's fascination...

I'm trying to express the joy...
She gets from a certain boy...

Although I don't quite feel the same...
And think her obsession is somewhat lame...

I was simply going out on a limb....
To express what my friend feels for him...

And now without further ado...
My poem is for, well, you know who...

Torn between sorrow and happiness.
A toss up between smiles and tears.
I sit with my pen and paper and
in my head his voice I hear.

Without his picture to look at,
I still picture him quite vividly.
Every facial hair, scar, and eye lash
I remember from memory.

He is aware of the spell he's
cast to take control of me.
To blind me of all other guys.
It is only him I see.

He has flaws like any other,
but he hides them very well.
I try to share my love with him,
but he doesn't hear my yell.

I try to just get through to him;
To his heart I want to be let in.
Why can't he see how right he is for me?
He fits me like a second skin.

He is known to be a player,
but with me it won't be the same.
I am different from those other girls.
To me, he won't play his game.

He won't use me for my womanhood.
He will love me pure and true.
I will change him from his old ways.
With me, he will start a new.

He is perfect in every way and
it is his charm that holds me tight.
And he assures me quite often
that he dreams of me every night.

It is his sweet words that sweep me off my feet.
My heart is what they take.
And no matter what everyone else says,
he is not being fake.