By: anonymous

I never understood how people whispered love and pain
in the same breath
but now I know that love and pain are sisters
whom the foolish amongst us try to separate.

Now I know that:
To love is to feel pain,
To love is to lose,
To love is to get hurt,
To love is also to hate.

Because it is only love that truly allows us to experience
all the emotions we are capable of feeling.
Every single emotion felt... stems out of love,
for love is the root of the tree of emotion.

Yes, now I can say I have truly loved
and because of that, I have truly lived my life.
Now I fully understand the implications of love,
love that is not felt from the heart
but love that is felt from the soul-
from the very core of life.

Yes, I am glad I have loved,
because in so doing I have lived
and that is something nobody can ever take from me.
Not even all the anguish that love has caused
can take away those moments.

Thank you, God, for letting me live.