You Came Along

By: Sherry Lynn D

I have a past that wasn't easy.
I look back on a once broken heart,
Recalling tears that were never-ending.
I just didn't know quite where to start.

The only thing I could trust in
Was that God had a plan for me.
For all the pain I was feeling,
One day I'd be set free.

And then from nowhere came the answer,
A reason for what I'd been through.
The clouds cleared away for a sunnier day,
And then fate brought me to you.

Your smile gave a way for my healing.
Your kindness brought down standing walls.
Just your touch, it left my heart giddy,
And you cared for me through it all.

Now each day seems so exciting,
As I wake to the thought of you.
In my mind and heart, pain's behind me,
You're the reason for all I do.

I can trust in you to stand by me.
I can lean on you when I'm weak.
To you I confide what's inside me,
Things no one else I'd dare let see.

So, my heart is yours now to treasure
In this new world where passion can survive.
In the beginning, I thought love had left me,
When all along, you were yet to arrive.