A little breeze

By: Susan Lynn Metz

You left me after a little breeze
Walked away with an arrogant ease
You crossed your heart and breathed a sigh
Swore you'd never come to me to lie

I told you to do as you pleased
That your heart was stiff and diseased
Convinced myself I wouldn't miss you
That I didn't need to hold or kiss you

Days have passed and I'm still alone
I stationed myself near my phone
Thinking that maybe you're sorry, too
But I refuse to give in to you

Hearts were broken and things were said
Your secret flowers wilted and dead
I'm afraid to tell you I want you again
And hope you do, cause I don't think I can

So come to my window and look inside
If you spy on me I won't know to hide
Crawl through the rain on my door
I don't want to feel sad anymore