In Love, In Doubt

By: Patricia Annette Roden

Are you losing the love you once had,
The one we shared between us two?
So too, I am losing you to her-
But does she love you like I do?

I feel you are slowly slipping away
getting further from my touch.
I feel you'll be completely gone someday.
Do you love her that much?

Maybe I'm over reacting
and maybe I'm not.
Maybe there is something I'm lacking
Or maybe it's something she's got.

Either way, I can feel- I can see
that your love for me is dying.
If this is the case then it will be
but I won't give you up without trying.

I will love you like I have never before
and I will make you want to stay.
I will make you forget her... forever!
I would do anything you say.

Give our love one last breath...
and see if we can make it.
This doesn't have to be its death
And I won't let her take it!!