circle broken

By: David Fronius

i thought of turning back
watching her form in the rear view mirror
slowly fading in the tears and rain
the road ahead dark, ominous, undetermined
a road taken for reasons not yet to be answered

she said she loved me when we parted
her arms enveloping me
a kiss and a tear on my cheek
our promise to keep in touch
then feeling the cold damp air
replacing her embrace as i left

days and nights of loving her
now seem like someone else's dream
winding through the countryside
shadowy figures appear beside me
through the glare in the windshield
from an occasional passing car

i hear an eerie beckoning from the wind
words that were never spoken or never heard?
choices made have come to fruition
but in the realm of love there would be none
and the farther i drove away from her
the closer i drive to a conclusion ~
broken circle...