Shall I Go Back

By: How About No Scott

I seem so weird
Nothing like I
Can you blame me?
I live by my lie

I have no other choice
I pretend to move on
You chose this path
On which I run

Something still confuses me
You act as if you care
You don’t like this new me
No more do I stare

Shall I go back to my old self?
Repeat the cycle all over again?
Shall I love you once more?
What will happen then?

Will your feelings for me emerge?
Will I share my heart with you
Or will reality hit you again
So you can break my heart in two?

My decision is final now
I need to forever seal my heart
I will no longer love you
Nor will I begin from the start

I say farewell to my feelings
Who live and breathe on their own
They have eaten up my flesh
And I'm all skin and bone