i miss you

By: jamie diedrich

I miss you so much
I loved the way we used to touch
Even though we knew it was wrong
I loved how you held me all night long.
When I see your face,
I wish it was long ago
When you still cared
I miss the fun times we shared.
You told her so much ****
Lied to make yourself look better.
You don't even care,
How you broke my heart, again.
I miss you so much
But I don't want anyone to know
My true feelings I can't show
You make me cry
Almost every nite
All alone in my bed
Even with you're out of site.
I still play our song
But it's not the same
When I see your face
It reminds me you're gone
With someone else in a happy place
The worst part is not that I lost your heart,
But that I lost a friend
Every time I see you
You always look so good
I wish I could tell you
Even though I should.
I miss the smiles and names,
I miss the calls and games.
But now I realize that's all I was to you,
Just a game.
You got me and won me over,
Then when you wern't having fun
You pushed me aside,
And told me you were done.