Learned the Hard Way!

By: Jennifer Foret

I don't know where to start
there is so much to say.
I don't know why I ignored you
or treated you this way.

You were a wonderful person
I could see it in your eyes.
Always willing to help
which was no big surprise.

I don't know if you knew
that you were a friend.
I never really told you
I kind of showed it with a grin.

Now you are in the Heavens above
flying with wings of a dove.

No one can take your place
In the heart is where you stay.
I wish you could know how much
I do care.
And when we meet again these feelings
I will share.

I'll remember always
this I know is true.
Because of this experience
I've learned a lesson so true.

Let everyone know how you feel
Because you never know when they
will be gone.
Don't take advantage of anyone
because their feelings are strong.

Popularity means nothing
if it means to be crude.
Just be yourself and
You'll never be rude.

This lesson I've learned
will stay with me forever.
With "Arms Wide Open" I know
you'll be waiting in Heaven.