Special Kind Of Fool

By: vanessa hawkins brown

I used to be in love with you
But the way you treated me wasn’t cool
But I could see nothing
'Cuz I was... a special kind of fool

You stay out all night and don't even call
You don't love me- you don't care at all
The way you hit me and slap me- that ain't cool
But all I know is... I’m a special kind of fool

When my friends told me to leave you alone
I told them to go home and find a man of their own
I gave you my heart and love is what it meant
I loved you so much... on you all my money I spent

To buy you all the things in the world
To let everyone know I was your girl
But when I came home I felt much shame
You were playing me... like a Nintendo game

I came to the house to check on the 'groom'
You and another girl were there in my room
I was so hurt, I fell to my knees
Asking God... "Why me?"

You know what God said to me...?
"The way you loved him- that wasn't cool
But I couldn't tell you nutin',
'Cuz you is... a special kind of fool"