Wake Me In The Morning

By: Deborah Woolverton

Please wake me in the morning with a tender kiss.
Help me start my day off with a little bit of bliss.
Your feet were very silent as you walked across the floor,
and not a single noise was made when you softly closed the door.

You caught me sleeping deeply, completely unaware,
and you gently took and used your hand to brush away my hair.
A little smile did cross my lips, you wondered what I did dream.
It looked like I enjoyed it, or so it would seem.

You lay on the bed beside me, and you gazed upon my face,
and using just your fingertips, my lips you lightly traced.
I think the story may be true, that Prince Charming did exist,
for just like in the fairy tale, on my lips you placed a kiss.

What better way to greet the day, as dawn began to break,
than to have your lover, with a kiss, help you to awake.