When I See You

By: Clayton Matthew Russell

when i see you, you are peaceful and sound
and when i see you my heart begins to pound
then i turn myself around
and i feel as if i were floating above the ground

at night in my bed i lay
thinking of when i saw you that day
and how all your beauty in every conceivable way
shines like a golden sun ray

every part of you is perfect without a doubt
it brightens my day to see you when i walk the normal route
it's even better to see you when i'm out and about
you're a person the world could not do without

maybe just my world
you are my girl
you come into view and my head twirls
your eyes shine like two big bright pearls

if you only knew
how much i love you
i'm writing this hoping you know
then i can let my feelings go
and i will live life
happy if you could be my wife