By: Danita Keith

We shared our love for so long. And now it has faded
fast. Our love was real and true, meant to last.
Somewhere along this troubled journey, we have grown apart.
I call out to you but you do not hear me. All I
wanted was to feel your love and warm touch. We will
never get our love back the way it was. My soul has gone
and we cannot find our trust. My scars are so deep and
my pain is too strong.
You have been the one and now I must sleep. I will love
you always, one thing is true.
When our spirits collide I am only hurting you.
Down we will go to uncertainty and despair.
My heart is broken and can't be repaired. We are lost
forever it's true. We cannot go back to just
being me you. I gave you my love once and you shut me
out. So for now I will say good-bye to those
times we shared--but the love we lost is too much to bear.