By: Alison Cunningham

The pain won't stop
the needle won't quit poking at my back
i feel like leaving
losing complete control of my head, brain, and body.
maybe if i lose control
i won't be able to remember
the pain you are puting me through right now
it's getting really hard
almost fully impossible
these guns are shooting at my mind
and they will not turn away.
god only knows
god is the only one here for me
he keeps MY STRENGTH alive
and shows me the way.
he holds me when i am down
wiping away my tears
never leaving my heart
always there and here to listen.
where have you been lately
through these moments of despair?
i have lost my sense of serenity
i want to tarnish my mangled face and body
all left of a beauty from heaven
but it won't happen
all that's left is me.
can't you accept me for who i am
you are a part of me
though the more i try
to forgive you without you knowing
the more i try to push you away.
a place of fire, i hope you end up in
all that you have done
all that you have said
thrown back in your ugly face
just stay away from me
as i find myself in this place of Self~Destruction.