By: Laura E Fitzpatrick

Good-bye, sweet everything,
I whisper as you walk out the door
The angels went back to heaven
Yet, I lay here rotting on the floor

An unknown scream sent you soaring
Swiftly through the clouds you fly
Without a single handshake or hug
I barely heard you whisper a good-bye

My pain has gone over the top
Draining off the end of the world
Into a pool full of regrets and memories
Things more precious than any gem or pearl

I extend a hand of apology
Only to be slapped away and thrown apart
I would have never walked on hot coals
If I knew it would burn my heart

The strongest word in the dictionary
Used in more than one line
Painful tears well up
So I assume this was my time

As I wish you all my luck
And send my last good-bye
I know this could have been resolved
But you took out your wings and there you fly