Carry On

By: Justin's Girl Forever

It's so quiet here
Nobody here to talk to
The sky is so grey
And it is raining
I pray to God
And hope that he forgives me
With the feeling of missing my love
My endless love
I have to carry on
I think that I failed again
I think that I can't hold you
Should I even try
We both know how it's gonna end
I will never ask you to stay again
I have to carry on
All I want is
That you are happy
Don't worry about me
I will carry on
Like I did before

I will love you forever
Loving somebody
Like I loved you
Go now
Without looking back
I can't put up with that anymore
I have to carry on
I don't think that I can give you that
What years and years gave you
Somebody is waiting
I think I've lost again
Life doesn't shine no more
This Time is the last time
No more pain
It hurts so bad
I won't come back
Maybe the everlasting love in my heart
My everlasting love for you
Will let me breath
I have to carry on