Visions of an Archangel

By: Valerie Winkle

Eyes of frosty glaze and beauty,
Ears that now hear words of truth.
Trust, no longer all in vain,
Thoughts of thee, my glimmer of hope.
A touch that holds so much distant
Yet, is present within my heart.
Do I pray a prayer that now holds an answer?
I say I do... and believe it to be true.

I long so for physical contact
And hang like a scared cat
Upon a tree-
These eyes speak with liberty,
they long so to create a storm within your soul...
To visit the day when feverfew
Is no longer searched for.
The frosty glaze has turned
To beautiful blown glass-
To be admired and untouched by hand
But by a tender heart such as thine.

The sand within my heart
holds abrasives no more,
but now, an Archangel,
with wings of soft cotton,
a halo, the colors of the rainbow,
a heart filled
with the warm oils of love.
the smell of a fresh meadow
that sings to thee
a song of my desire!