Painful dream come true

By: baby love me forever

My dream has finally come true
You were going to leave
I started to collapse
For this fact I couldn't believe

You would be gone for two weeks
But you might like that place and stay
Then my world would tumble down
That will be the day

Not seeing you for a week
Drives me halfway insane
But now you'll be gone longer
Oh, you can't imagine the pain

I knew one day this would happen
I just don't want to believe it's true
You might just leave forever
Hanging on to the last moments with you

I couldn't hold back
I just broke down and cried
Couldn't care less if anyone was looking
Didn't care about my pride

I just wanted a few moments to mourn
For my sweet dream lover's leaving
I just hope you decide to come back
My world is deceiving

All the pain and guilt
Came rushing out my soul
If I ever see you again
I would like you to know