By: Kory L. Foote

I barely know you,
but I can tell.
It's pretty obvious,
we can jell.
With a presence that sparkles,
and a demeanor that shines,
you're the type most never find.
But here you are in front of me.
The epitome of beauty,
an angel to be,
enthralled to the point of commiting sin.
I've found what I lost,
I'm the man of tin.

You are to me what time is to eternity,
what laughter is to fun,
what the moon is to the earth,
and what the earth is to the sun.
I'll follow you down any road.
It's not yellow or brick,
it's made of gold.
So be the lion,
forget the tiger,
I'm the bear,
never higher.
Come to me,
I know you can.
You've found my heart,
I'm the man of tin.