We're Gone

By: Yalonda Nicole Mason

Despite the impression that laughter gives
a broken heart never fully heals
and it hurts much more than the eyes reveal
(pain stalks in to plunder)

A lonely girl that has no dreams
and life is all a scam it seems
confused about what love really means
(my heart then echos thunder)

Trapped in your eyes, I feel the pain
but I can't find shelter from this rain
wondering if I'm the one to blame
(for causing my hearts' death)

Then suddenly I see the light
and know that all will be alright
and somehow I can win this fight
(but my pride is all that's left)

So I take my pride, head held high
no tears this time, I refuse to cry
not only my mouth but my heart says, "bye"
(I too must carry on)

I've cried all the tears that I can spare
the feelings are no longer there
and this time, baby, I really swear
(me and my love, we're gone)