By: Jenny

When tears are falling like crystals of pain,
white as snow, that fears the rain
Think of the angels who brought you here,
they will gently whisper in your ear
Listen to them now while you cry,
they will gently sing you... a lullaby

When your trembling like a withered leaf,
without trust, without belief
Think of the gulls flying over the bay,
look at them, they are not far away
Looking at you as they fly,
crying for you... their lullaby

When sunshine gently comes to show
after the pooring rain, you'll know
Think of the rainbow where the end becomes the start,
it's there to bless your broken heart
Its colors and magic in the sky,
is there to bring you... it's lullaby

When life seems to hard to understand
just call on me, reach my hand.
Think of me and I'll be there,
to let you know how much I care
I'll come and never say goodbye,
to always sing you... my lullaby