Who Am I

By: Jesse A LeBlanc

Eye of the storm I am.

I know of all your pain,
Like being shot twice in your side,
Pain is so fierce,
Travels ever so slowly through my veins,
Enduring the affection from I
Your pains that were, are now Mine.

You have eyes of wonders,
The kiss of Life,
A touch I shall die for.

Eyes that cry for help,
Violently trembled at the feeling of more pain,
Hurt no more, For I am here.

I crumble all your troubles
to mere specs of salty droplets,
Tears fall slowly down my face
As I take all your pains away,
For I am.

No longer should your loneliness be,
For you now derive pleasure from I.
As you now know,
I will always be here for you.

One thing I ask of you,
How do you know me more, than I?