By: Kim J Gilman

You first meet him, and everything seems right
You get his number by the end of the night
When you talk, he says things you’ve always longed to hear
But in the back of your mind, you still have your fears.

For you have been hurt many times in the past
Which makes you wonder whether this will actually last
But you ignore your thoughts and give him a try
Not even thinking to ask yourself why.

You often felt that no guy deserves a chance
But he seemed perfect, even at a glance
The closeness you feel was never felt before
His smile, charm, and wit you dearly adore.

You try to be with him as much as you can
In hopes that he will forever be your man
Soon, those three little words are often said
He’ll tell you anything to fill your head.

Just so he can be sure you’ll always stay around
He’ll even buy you chocolates by the pound
Now you’ve fallen for him, thinking he’s the one
That’s exactly how he wants it when he’s done...

So he can end it with you to break your heart
And live with the pleasure of being smart
But he doesn’t realize how much it really hurts you
There was no limit to the things you’d do...

But he can’t be with one girl for too long
Even though you cry, you try to stay strong
He doesn’t even look at you anymore
Which makes you feel like you were just his whore.

You try talking, but he’s not even the same
You realize now, you’ve fallen for another players’ game.