After Thoughts

By: Marissa Lytae Geiger

We had to split up
For our own good.
And I miss you like crazy
Like I never thought I would.
It took me some time
To get over your destitution.
But now that you're gone
I'm left with confusion.
I'm too proud to call you
And I refuse to write.
The conversations we used to have
All day and all night...
You're checking for that girl
That already has a man.
But why waste your time
When I'm holding out my hand?
She can't and won't do the things
That I used to do.
She won't go all out
To satisfy you.
Loving you is my job
And it always will be.
If I had to choose two words
They'll be "you and me."
I messed up before
By feeding lies to you.
But you left me no choice
So I did what I had to do.
Bu the secret is out
And you are now aware.
I tried finding someone new
But no one could compare.
You are truly unique
In your own little style.
I know that trusting me
Will take you awhile.
But don't take too long
'Cause I can't wait.
We were meant for each other
It was obviously fate.