You were the one

By: Candace Nicole Hays

I knew you were the one
When I first looked into your eyes
You were special
Not like the other guys

Then I took you home
I knew we'd be together someday
It would just take a little time
I would pay any price you asked me to pay

When you first told me "I love you"
My heart was filled with joy
I knew I loved you too
You were no ordinary boy

Then we had our fights
And our arguments too
It made me feel sad
When I saw that I hurt you

You were my first
You'll by my last
But what we had
Is now in the past

I let you go
You need your space
I'd give up anything and everything
To see your smiling face

To know you loved me once
I then would feel complete
But to you I no longer exist
My presence is obsolete

I can't let you know
What I truly feel
But one thing I do know
Is that all my feelings are real

I love you, Nathan
That is something that won't change
I always will
Even though I am out of your range

You were my everything
Even though we are apart
You'll always have one piece of me
And that is my heart