Gentle Thief

By: David Rosen

Steal my heart away again,
Please, do.
Word by aching word
Write to me, always.
Speak to me again, and again, and again
Of your gentle soul.
And be the gentle thief
Who steals me away forever.
Please, do.

I have seen the wonderful lives
That traveled down one path.
Four lives that felt the sparks that flew
Between kindred souls.
Four lives that gave themselves
To the tying of sacred bonds
That bound them forever in two loves
And in time.
The birthing of the angels
Who now surround the celestial life
Of the hour every day.

There were two lives,
That might have traveled another path.
There were two lives down another road
With a good beginning
Full of those same sparks
And fire that could light up the night.
And that held the promise of
Rich, fragrant, full chapters
Of laughter and tears and
Endless nights of star-lit passion.

Another path that would (surely) have led
To days of roses and twilight and longing.
And endless time to watch the day
Pass slowly into the night
Letting the blood-red sun
Wash over their two faces.
And the cool mountain breezes lull them
Into blissful, timeless sleep.
Two little spoons, arm in arm
Entwined in a different forever.

The thief who stole that path away years ago
Was a thief who did not know his own soul.
Who soullessly, selfishly, foolishly
Watched and let that path
Pass by.
A crime paid for in the foreverness of longing
The endlessness of never-knowing.
And the futility of waiting for another life beyond this,

I was that thief for you
Now you be mine, please.
Be my gentle felon
And steal my heart away again,
Please, do.