The Hardest Thing To Say

By: A. Kelly

My friend, my lover, my joyous fate,
I haven't been honest w/o u and now i fear its much too late.
I've always told u I care and it showed,
But the truth is harder to say then u could ever know.
I want you more than an eternity of success.
And I want to make u happier, than all the rest.
I would protect and stand up for u in the face of the future.
I wish i could kiss ur eyes, and open Gods to give u more.
I would hold ur hand as u realize your potential.
I'd stand by ur side, cuz to me ur something special.
I'm gonna' be there for u, forever, and i swear...
I may be far away, but i'm always gonna care.
I've always loved u, my lover, my friend,
and I'll always love u, until the bitter end.