Solitude Of The Night

By: Sunday B. Fakus

In midnight hour under the dimmed cabin lights
I saw us gently sail to the lands of dreams.
I held you by the hand and together we rode the tide
Above the ocean we flew with wings to the bank all night.

Barefoot we strolled along the sandy beach
And the ocean waves beat salty sand through our feet.
We gathered seashells along the cozy seaside
As notes of symphony filtered through our hearts.

From the beach we silently tiptoed to flower gardens
Where forgotten dreams became the theme of romance.
The wind whispered passion, the clouds reassured affection
And the outline of love became crystal clear in the sky.

Then I tasted your sweet breath and your candy lips
As we danced hand in hand to the rhythm of the night.
While the whispering wind made those lovely sounds
We gently walked the beach in the solitude of the night.