Missing You

By: mew rjc hunter

Have you tried to reach out
To the one you love
They could not see your need
That you just needed a little comforting
They didn't know you just needed
Them so much for a little while
You were afraid to just ask
They could not see your pain
Your love is still strong as ever
It was just at that moment
Your deep desire to be with her
Waking at night with tears in your eyes
Not because of a weakening love
Just the need for a hug or kiss
Just a simple conversation with your love
Maybe you should open up and talk a little more
Then maybe they would know how you really feel
The feeling of being apart and so empty inside
Just to hear her talk to you is all you need
To let her know you love her and wonder how she is
So what are all these feelings you have inside
It's called loving someone so much
And when you love someone that much
There is nothing you can do about missing them
If you didn't have these feelings inside
Then you wouldn't have the true love that you do
So yes I do miss you and get a little down
It might even make my face put on a frown
I guess if I look at it from a different point of view
I love these feelings of missing you
It lets me know how much I do love you
How you are a special part of my life
And that soon you will be in my arms again
Lifting my spirts up like no other woman can
You are my friend, lover, my favorite company
So I'm happy to have the chance to miss you
Missing you shows how much I love you
Thank you for being the person you are
For being a true friend that I can show
This side of me that no one else knows