The Hardest Part Of You Is Having To Say Goodbye

By: Jenn R Gardner

Remembering all the firsts with you,
The first time I knew you wanted me too,
First time your lips met mine,
You'd never have thought we would run out of time;
When you fell asleep right there in my arms,
When you touched me I felt all your charms,
That's when my phone used to ring,
And you would be there and I would listen to you sing;
I'd look into your eyes and watch you stare,
That's when I knew you did care.

After all that it faded real fast,
I was just a girl you'd seen in your past,
And everything you said turned into a fight,
You thought it was over but I still held on tight.
I pushed you sometimes even too strong,
But that still doesn't make it right it's still wrong,
Know the only thig I feel is hurt,
Like my face was pushed into a pile of dirt.
All night all I do is think of you and cry,
And ask myself why?

I cannot see anymore for the tears have blinded my eyes,
And that's when I know the hardest part of you
is having to say goodbye.