When I let you go....

By: Heartbroken

I sacrificed every little joy...
this much pain, I could never know.
I cut off a piece of me,
when I let you go.

I shattered each dream I had,
I let each one lie broken,
felt an empty space between us,
because I left words unspoken.

I apologized for every tender touch,
I repented every kiss,
gave up every word I`d said,
not caring how much I`m going to miss.

I gave up all the love I had,
love I never had a chance to show.
I broke my own heart myself,
when I let you go.

I paid for each joy with a tear.
I lost track of time,
carved a niche in the never loved,
because I gave up your smile.

I lost everything I had;
what I ever wanted was with you.
I ruined my future completely.
Wonder how I`ll get through.

I cry tears of blood because I`m dying.
I sweat blood over my brow.
I killed myself with my bare hands
when I let you go....