I Belong There

By: Lexsendria

Blue eyes meet with mine. Tear filled sorrow
Drapes them like a cloud covered sky.
My heart, as one with his, seeing no tomorrow,
Yet, I cannot leave him- can't say goodbye.

His pain at once fills me, then drains me,
Pulling the soul from this unwilling breast of mine,
Tearing away at my roots like a wind swept tree,
Bending my resolve, leaving me, scattered, behind.

For I love him, complete and full, words can't tell
How my spirit yearns for him, yet, I still my tender heart.
Times past fill me with icy blown winter's hell.
My mind screams- Please Stay... though I know we must part.

Promises of devotion linger, though, over long
Fondled like a lover's cherished form.
My arms ache, longing to be with him as one,
Yet, my fears hold me captively forlorn.

His tears rend my soul, ripping away defenses
Like those cobwebby slips of nightmare
Pulled from the sleep of babes, dissolving my senses
Bringing me back to him again, I belong there.