Girls Like You

By: Mark D Mallahan

Last night as I held you in my arms
And your arm was around my shoulders
I felt something I know you didn't feel
I always said I didn't like women like that, like you
I always laughed and joked about women like you
And yet, as I stood there
As I stood there amidst the clouds of grey smoke
I felt something I have never really felt before
I saw you across the room with him
I never felt so furious, heartsick or jealous before
As you whispered something in my ear, not knowing
Not knowing you were whispering sweet nothings
Oh, how i wanted to take you away from there
And kiss your lips until dawn
And hold you in my arms, so tight
But I didn't because I would be like everyone else
Everyone else in that room
I have never wanted to love someone so
And I know you didn't feel a thing
I know I was just someone to hold on to
To keep from tipping over
And I always told myself i didn't want girls like you
And I still tell myself I don't like girls like those
Then why, when I saw you with smoke pouring out of your mouth
And the fire flickering in your eyes
Why, when I saw you in his arms
And as I watched you from across the room
Why didn't I tell you I don't like girls like you
Why didn't I find myself disgusted by you
Why can't I get you out of my mind
Why do I like girls like you?