By: Thomas Pierre Lemont

I truly enjoyed the card you wrote
and the poem, mademoiselle,
For both were filled with such feeling
and written extremely well;
I've read each several times again
imagining that you spoke,
And that's when my heart, so resolute,
Like dammed up waters, broke.

I, too, felt like I've known you long
for all that we have shared,
Sometimes it may seem difficult
but, see how we have fared?
You're beautiful in body and mind
Each day you bring me joy,
With a face that launched a thousand ships-
Just like Helen of Troy.

There are no "wooden horses" here
No ploys, nor secret plans,
To gain your heart I'll be myself
And use what's of my hands;
For honesty's a precious thing
so often shared by few,
And time might grant us what I wish
and that's true love from you.

But, as you said, you shall need time
to work out certain things,
Time can be fickle, or assured,
You don't know what it brings;
But, we'll stay friends, that much is true
of that, please never fear,
I'll still hope for more than that someday
to be your Cavalier.