Teaching me how to love

By: Laura L Gonzalez

I often forget how much you love me.
I often forget because you're too perfect to exist in reality.
Were you sent to guide my way?
Were you sent to lead me threw each and every day?
What did I do to deserve your loving hands?
What did I do to deserve such a wonderful man?

At first my thought was you wanted something in return.
But giving something for nothing is what I had to learn.
Loving me for me seemed so strange.
Who I was I never let anyone know because of the pain.
I always hid temptation of loving someone else.
I choose to hide feelings, they could never love me for just myself.

I once ran into a relationship
I thought I'd be satisfied to be loved in any way.
That failed when all those men choose not to stay.
I was then confused I didn't know what love was anymore.
When at one time I felt I knew for sure.

Thank You for saving and loving me the best way you know how.
I know how to be loved and give love back in return now.
Thank you for excepting my faults and my past.
Thank you for letting my heart know you'll still be there
Even if it doesn't last.