A Wistful Soul

By: Blood Lust

It's inconceivable, the way you make me feel,
It's like my lifelong dream turned real.
Without you, I feel somehow incomplete,
My love for you walks down a one-way street.
I would give the world to touch you,
If only once.
My Love, what you mean to me, if you only knew.
I patiently wait to hold you tight in my arms,
If only for a moment,
To keep you safe from all harms.
All my heart you have taken,
My love for you will never be forsaken.
I so desire to feel your sweet, warm breath on my skin,
If only for a second.
How to love you, I know not where to begin
I hunger to feel my lips pressed against thine,
If only for one blissful kiss,
Since the day we met, I've rested upon cloud nine.
I long with all my being to feel the amazing,
Everlasting contentment I will feel
when I hear the angelic whisper of "I Love You"
In my ear as I lay at your side.
The way I feel for you, I could never hide.
I can't help but think of you,
Every second, a thought brand new.
You banish all of my fears,
I want to be there to kiss away the tears.
I close my eyes to see a vision of you,
Oh, what I wouldn't do to feel the touch of you!
The loving words you've spoken echo in my head,
You make me feel things that could never be said.
You have become one with my very soul,
You always know the words to console.
I dream of roses, champagne, and candlelight,
Take my heart in your hands and hold it tight.
To soothe this heart that aches for you,
Anything I would gladly do.
My Love, this is for you,
Just to say I Love You.