By: George D OBrien

A summer breeze brushes against me
like it had those times before.
When your name was floating gently,
echoed through the walls.

And summer nights became your friends
while flesh and blood were none.
Like a lover who had filled your dreams,
just memories lost yet near.

Your soft sweet breath and fallen tears,
starlight glistened in your eyes.
Reflected love and tenderness,
yet something not complete.

I stared and tried to know you,
your heartbeat matching mine.
And wondered if confusion
laid in your eyes or mine.

In silence and in memories,
I watched you glide and dance,
With silken hair draped over skin,
Still held from just a glance.

Our innocence was what was best,
of your life and my own.
And what was lost in years since then
perhaps I should have known.

Yet on those nights when I'm alone
and feel the midnight calm,
I call upon a summer breeze
and hold you in my arms.