One last look

By: Flora Lareea Pruitt-Tran

Seeing you brings it all back
But knowing I can't have you is the fact
I know how you feel, I can see it in your eyes
You'd rather stand there and say nothing instead of telling me lies
Something caught my eye standing behind you
Now you'rE married with children, too
I can't help but to think it should've been me standing there
I can't think or speak, I can only stand and stare
We've both got new families now and left each other behind
But standing still in this moment I can't help but remember when you were mine
As you turn to walk away with your new wife
It all comes back, I remember the day you left my life
I stand there until you're out of my sight
My emotions I try to fight
I took my last look and turned away
I left that spot with it all in my heart and nothing to say