My Life Ends

By: StarRides

Your footsteps move close to my door
you open my world, why ask for more!
the sound of my love, returned to me
a more joyous time could never be

you, in my arms, as I drift in bliss
my life, it seems, was made for this
your gentle sighs stir my very soul
I kiss your lips, it makes me whole

no treasure in life can compare
how rich I feel when you are there
these things, unseen, yet I can hold
shape my life in a different mold

in a candle lit room, late at night
our magic made by flickering light
for time has passed, too long away
I say I love you in a special way

our lips whispers the words of need
and these bodies cry for love, indeed
love sighs of wonder fill the air
then passion moves, it take us there

we lie in awe of loves real power
suspends our time, delays the hour
the sands of time just take command
our time seems over before it began

Your footsteps move away from my door
my life has ended...
till you come once more