It Can't Be

By: Maria Lynn Simonetti

It feels like I am in love with you
And somehow I wish you were, too
You are so much older than me
So we probably never could be
I dream about you every night
Your beautiful face, a great sight
In my dream, we kissed and made love
And you told me all your feelings of
The way you hold me in your arms
Never let go, and keep me from harm
I could feel your skin touching mine
The feeling of your hands were fine
Somehow, I knew it would end
Even though our love will mend
I want to be with you so bad
For now I am left in sorrow, I am sad
Hopefully someday we'll be together
And our love will last forever
But for now you'll just be in my dreams
Because that's the way it seems
I love you so much I can't explain
And now I have to deal with the pain