No More Hurting Me

By: Melissa Kaye Newcomb

How can you tell me you love me with your lips,
Then turn around and hit me with your fist?
Your supposed to be the man in my life
You weren't supposed to be the kinda man who would hit his wife
With every bad name you call me
You take away more of my self esteem
I walk around on eggshells so i won't make you mad
But i can't take it anymore you have hurt me too bad
You always say you didn't mean it and apologize
But i have finally caught on, you just keep telling me lies
I cook, I clean and wash your clothes
And for all of that what thanks do i get? ... a bloody nose
You know I love you and I'll never stop loving you
But I can't keep letting you do the things you do
I can't and I won't let you hurt me anymore
I think I am ready now to watch you walk out that door
You can come back to me when you feel better
When you can control your temper we can be together
I'll never stop loving you and the man you used to be
But we cannot be together until you can stop hurting me