I Want That Fairy Tale

By: Ashley Marie Mahoney

You say you love me and I know it's true.
It's just you don't always show it.
When we are alone I can always tell you care.
Yet when we are around other people
it can become a debatable question,
although it also depends on who we are with.
I know I might show how I feel once in a while,
and that's 'cause I'm a sensitive person.
I know we have had our share of disagreements,
but you know I can never stay mad at you, baby.
You're the only person who can get whatever they want from me,
and if I say "No" I get those puppy eyes I can never say no to.
When I am with you I never want to leave
and I wish time would stop,
that way we could be together always.
All I want is to be with you,
live my life in your arms,
the way it is in the Fairly tales...
Why can't I be like Cinderella,
live happily ever after with mister perfect.
Or like Snow White who Rides off
With her Prince Charming.
Why can't it be like Sleeping Beauty,
and marry my first love?
That's the fairly tale I want...
I want to live happily ever after, with the man of my dreams.