Trust Me

By: Toni S. King

Why don't they understand?
Why don't they see I am not one to cause mischief?
They can't trust me to do anything on my own,
even though I never gave them a reason to.
Not one that I can recall, anyway.
They don't understand I am a perfectly capable and responsible person!
Why can't I stay one weekend on my own?
Give me a test, so that I can prove to you I don't NEED a caretaker!
UGH! I cannot stand this!
You keep saying, 'We trust you. We just don't trust others.'
What is that?
That's only saying you don't think I am independent enough.
That I'll just do whatever the crowd wants to do.
No, that's not true.
More often than not, I am the one to say, 'That's not such a hot idea guys.'
I have a good head on my shoulders.
Just why, oh why, can't you see that?
It's a very simple concept . . . I am responsible.
Trust me.